In few simple steps make one connection.


Configure your payment gateways in the dashboard.


You are now able to use any payment processor.


While we include the most common features, being a custom platform, we can offer customized options designed for for your own specific niche such as reporting or alternative payment methods.


Our attempt at answering your most common questions, if you don't see the answer you need, don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. What payment processors and gateways are you connected to?

A. We can accept transactions for the over 200 NMI platforms, Authorize.net, Stripe, Square, Paypal, Inovio, Crypto, and others. If you need a specific connection, contact us and provide the details and we will take care of you.

Q. We are a high risk business, how can we prevent fraud?

A. Great question, our platform at its core was built to combat fraud. We use IP and Geo tracking, velocity checks by card, account, email, ip and mobile, as well as an integrated chargeback alert system in the event one occurs to make a refund before it counts against you and a global blacklist.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. There are various levels of features but the most basic starts at 0.04 per transaction.  If you have a custom integration and do not use one of our pre-made plugins there could be a customization cost. If you wish to use the token vault, or fraud control, transaction routing, all play a part in your per transaction fee.

Q. How do we connect to you?

A. We have several methods, the most popular being a woocommerce or opencart plugin. But for custom shopping carts, we have a detailed API.


Please feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have, we are happy to assist or consult on your needs.

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